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Herbs for health and healing.

Curious about natural health? It’s not just about colon cleanse! Stress essentials and activ-x are two great choices when you’ve got lots going on! Herb cocktail gently cleanses, detoxes and builds the digestive system helping you digest food better! Enzymes energize and support the body, if you aren’t digesting, you feel bloated and tired! Try the natural difference! Friendly flora, Acidophilus Ultra from New Roots are two great solutions to support the digestive system following anti-biotic use and to rebuild and detox as a gentle way to maintain excellent health! Wild Mountain Papaya Aids digestion, breaks up mucus, decreases free radical damage and children love the taste! Hate the flu? Check out flu buster! Low on iron? Easy iron, ultra iron and herbal iron are some great ways to boost your iron without uncomfortable side effects. Thinking of losing weight? Herbal combinations such as Slim Now, Slimmer System and Weight control formula are ways to boost your metabolism the healthy way! Curious about Hazelwood products? We carry Pur Noisetier products that have a history of relieving or soothing heartburn, gastric reflux, teething, skin problems (psoriasis, acne, eczema) arthritis, osteoarthiritis, constipation, migraines, or any ailment associated with surplus acid.

Herbs for healthy pregnancy.

Natural health products are a fabulous way to support the body while pregnant. Gentle Birth prepares the pregnant body for delivery, Maxi milk or MumMa milkstream are tincture formulas to increase your milk supply, making the adjustment to breastfeeding easier. Check out the pregnancy section on our site for stomach aid to combat morning sickness,and after pain for following delivery! Herbs are gentle and effective at combating illness, and Hazelwood necklaces have proven a hit at easing teething pain and clearing up ear infections! T& C and HB are herbal formulas great at healing and cleansing the body in preparation for pregnancy as well as to get the body back in sync after giving birth! Children will get sick: but Immunza children, infant immune booster and pain and fever are gentle effective solutions to help their little bodies fight off illness! Gentle probiotics such as friendly flora and Kyodophilus rebuild their digestive tracts and ward off further illness effectively.

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